April 23, 2015


Everyone's Wearing Band Tees

Rock band t-shirts are the hottest new celebrity fashion trend. 


Kanye in a GNR Original

Blotch is now an official licencee for band tshirts in India. You can get your pick at


The right reasons for wearing a band tee

  • You’re a Huge Fan
  • You know the names and lyrics of several songs
  • You’re leaving the concert
  • You can name members of the band

The wrong reason for wearing a band tshirt

  • You think the logo is cool
  • A friend of celebrity wears the same one
  • You’ve heard the band is popular
  • There’s a 2 for 1 sale

How to wear a Band Tee

  • Do not tuck your band t-shirt in
  • Wash it! Worn look is cool, dirt and smells aren’t
  • Sleeveless is okay – but trip your pit hair!
  • Do you have to be slim to wear one? Eff no! You’re comfy in your body, wear what you want!

June 14, 2014


Spring Printed Shirts

As we move beyond the cold of winter and edge ever-closer toward the heat of summer, we currently find ourselves in a brief moment of respite. The sun is gentle, the breeze is comforting, and the outside world is beginning to bloom.

Having recently arrived at your hotel, you’ve taken a moment to relax and freshen up before your first evening away from home.

As you cast your eye over the clothing you’ve selected for the journey, you spot the bright floral print of BLOTCH Spring Buds shirt. Despite its dense pattern, the shirt is not overwhelming. Rather, it’s eye-catching, modern, and stylistically-forward.

In other words, it’s an ideal item of clothing to exude your confidence. It summarizes your style and it tells a rich story to those around you.

Donning the shirt, you make your way toward the hotel bar for a quick drink, confident in your appearance and yourself. And you embrace the ambition, style, and panache of this iteration of your identity.

Prints and patterns have taken far too long to arrive in the lexicon of men’s style. This summer, though, they’ll be at the forefront of the space. And, with Jiberish’s offering, you simply cannot go wrong.

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